why Magento is the right choice?

why Magento is the right choice?

Advantages of the e-commerce platform Magento

Every online business is unique in its own way. Magento offers many customization options, allowing developers to complete a project on a specific assignment.

Mobile First and SEO optimization

Visitors from mobile devices expect to have ease of use when visiting a particular site. Regarding SEO, an optimal structure of URLs and meta-implementation options is provided.

Fast online store

Magento is designed to create optimized e-commerce stores. Internet loading speed is critical: the latest Google statistics show that 50% of users abandon a page that did not load in three seconds. The optimized platform of Magento allows you to reduce charging time, even when a large influx of visitors is welcomed.

Choice of hosting

With Magento the business is not required to use hosting, which is part of the platform. Allows free choice of location, resources, support.


Magento is known for the best support in terms of order security and product management, including custom reporting features. It’s easy for the online store owner to view the history of recurring transactions, change product descriptions, add images, export reports, and add or remove items.

Possibility for many websites with a single administration

Magento has the ability to manage multiple websites / stores with just one back-end administrator. This feature makes it the optimal e-commerce platform for business owners operating in several countries and regions.

Currency and language support

Dynamic support for a large number of international currencies, easy support for multiple languages.

Additional features, plugins, integrations

Magento allows each store to be customized. General third-party integrations include large web applications and payment capabilities.

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