How to transfer a site from WIX to hosting with WordPress

How to transfer a site from WIX to hosting with WordPress

If your site has become more complex and grown to such an extent that the Wix builder is not powerful enough for its further development, then you are already a fairly experienced webmaster, and we are not talking about the lack of basic skills. This is good, because the task of migrating a site to a WordPress CMS is clearly not for beginners.

The complexity of the transfer directly depends on the volume and functionality of the site. The main thing is not to miss anything and follow all the steps described below carefully.

1. Transfer of the domain name

2. Installing WordPress

3. Data transfer

It is not possible to export the site database to Wix, so all content will have to be transferred manually. This is the most difficult and painstaking stage, especially if there are a lot of articles / pictures. Create the exact same navigation structure, and then transfer static pages using the copy / paste method, creating their counterparts in WordPress.
You can use the service to build a WordPress site.

After all this, check the links inside the pages, fix the broken ones where necessary. Look at the SEO settings – titles and descriptions must be filled in correctly. Better yet, install the Yoast SEO plugin right away, so the optimization will go more efficiently.

4. Creation 301 redirect

Use plugins like Redirection to automatically set up 301 redirects. This procedure will make it clear to search engines that your site has been migrated to a new platform.